Park Introduction


Since its founding in November. 1995, QILUSOFT PARK, the one of the earliest built four software parks in China, the one of the first qualified “China Torch Program” industry bases, has grown to become a famous software and information service companies cluster, a National Service Outsourcing Demonstration Zone, and the most important component of “China’s software city”. QILUSOFT PARK owns lots of National honor identifications, e.g. “National Software Export Base”, “National New Industrialization (Software and Information Services) Industry Demonstration Base”, “National Service Outsourcing Demonstration Zone”, “National Technology Companies Incubator”.

Companies in QILUSOFT PARK are mainly working on industrial software application, integrated circuits design and services, robotics and smart manufacturing, information security, some other new technologies and new types of business. Intelligent transmission and distribution of industrial clusters and Beidou satellite applications areas are the park’s featured areas. Big data and internet plus areas are developing booming industrial areas in the park.

Development History
  • 2017-07

    "the plan of Ji'nan big data industry base " was completed.  

  • 2017-06

    the "2020 development action plan of Ji'nan Data community" compiled by QILUSOFT PARK was officially released.

  • 2017-05

    QILUSOFT PARK had Shandong brand science and technology enterprise incubator approved.

  • 2016-04

    the Jinan  Innovation Zone signed with Shandong University to build the microelectronics School of Shandong University.

  • 2015-06

    QILUSOFT PARK public innovation platform was established, and hosted the first Shandong hacker marathon programming contest in October in the same year.  

  • 2013-11

    Dresden - Jinan Cooperation Office was officially launched in the park. The office will provide convenience and information services for more cooperation in the future between China and Germany in the field of high-tech.

  • 2011

    National Supercomputer Center in Ji'nan was officially launched on the Jinan QILUSOFT PARK; Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology was established in Jinan QILUSOFT PARK.

  • 2010

    "the national Supercomputer Center in Ji'nan" project of the national "863" major projects was officially launched in QILUSOFT PARK.

  • 2009

    the construction  of "Qilu outsourcing city" started.

  • 2007

    China International ICT Innovation Cluster & Shandong Academy of information and communications technology was held in QILUSOFT PARK.

Leading Industry
Application software of the Industry
The Integrated Circuit Design And Service
The robot and intelligent manufacturing
The Big Data And The New Generation Of Information Technology
Park style
Core carrier
齐鲁软件园大厦和创业广场 银河大厦 奥盛大厦 鑫盛大厦 铭盛大厦 齐盛大厦

The QILUSOFT PARK Mansion and Pioneer Plaza

with an area of 300 mu in total, including the construction area of 230000 square meters,  QILUSOFT PARK Mansion and Pioneer Plaza will be made into a science and technology business incubator, which can accommodate 350 enterprises and nearly 30000 people. The interior of the building has a landscape park with an area of 120 mu, Its design concept is "mountain, water, green, garden", and it adheres to the design idea of "humanities, nature, science and technology”.  With the integration of culture strip of three mountains , it greatly enriches the  personnel visual experience of the scientific research and development. It creates a good and comfortable modern office space and development space for enterprises.

Yin He Mansion

with an area of 94.4 mu in total, including a construction area of 165000 square meters,  it was completed and put into use in July 2011 . It will be made into a accelerator of science and technology enterprise. It has more than 150 enterprises so far.

Ao Sheng Mansion

The building has an area of 63 mu in total, including a construction area of 239000 square meters.  It was completed and put into use in May 2014 . It will be made into a high-end R & D business office.  At the same time, in order to implement the relevant policies in Ji'nan of introducing high-end talent, the No. 3 building  of Ao Sheng Mansion with an area of 30000 ㎡ will be used by  "5150" talents.

Xinsheng Mansion

The building covers an area of 22.2 mu in total ,including a construction area of 131000 square meters. It was put into use in early 2016. It will be made into a  office which involves high-level innovation, entrepreneurship, service outsourcing, information and communication, Internet of things, financial services, headquarters. So far, more than 90 enterprises have been settled here.

Ming Sheng Mansion

the building covers an area of 14 mu in total,including a construction area of 75000 square meters. As a starting zone of "big data industry base in Ji'nan" , it has signed 28 large data companies, with a total area of 42000 square meters. The settled enterprises involves the following fields:large data, finance, transportation, industry, agriculture, education, environmental protection, Internet of things, new media, network information security, etc.

The Qi Sheng Mansion

the building covers an area of 81 mu in total,with a construction area of 276000 square meters. It was completed and put into use in  December 2017. This project is aimed at specialty economy of"Internet plus" industries . It will set up a service system with a platform and three centers, namely Internet service cloud platform, big data innovation center, small and micro businesses innovation incubation center, and intelligent hardware exhibition center.